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AshiatsuBarefood Massage.

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​Ashiatsu Barefoot
  • ​​30 Min-$70
  • 60 Min-$90
  • 90 Min-$115
The most luxurious massage on the planet.  During this massage I use my feet and gravity to press, sweep and relax the muscles. This technique allows for a deeper massage and more pain relief.


Bamboo Massage

Hot Stones Massage

​Bamboo/Hot Stones Massage
  • 30 Min-$90
  • 60 Min-$110

  • 90 Min-$130
Enjoy the warmth and relaxation of Stones or Bamboo
Swedish Massage
  • ​​30 Min-$60
  • 60 MIn-$80
  • 90 MIn-$105
Swedish Massage utilizes 5 different techniques to help you and your muscles relax. The long, gliding strokes flush out muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.



Sticks and Stones Massage
  • 60 Min-$120
  • 90 Min-$140
  • 2 Hrs -$200
The perfect combination of Bamboo and Stones. Let the warmth of this treatment melt your worries away.
​Half and Half Massage
  • ​​30 Min-$60
  • 60 Min-$80

  • 90 Min-$105
The perfect combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue to give you the ultimate in relaxation.



Pregnancy Massage
  • ​​30 Min-$67
  • 60 Min-$87
A relaxing massage designed to help relieve common pregnancy discomforts. Benefits include increased energy, easing of aches and pains, reducing fluid retention and releasing stress.  Available after your first trimester. 
Head, Scalp and Feet​
  • 30 Min-60
  • 60 Min-$80
The best part of the massage is offered in this service. Allow yourself to be pampered.
Chair Massage
  • $2/minute
Helps to relieve tension from your neck and shoulders. Leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
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