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Learn proper massage techniques from a licensed massage therapist.  Classes are designed for two people - the student and a spouse or friend to practice on.







Special Introductory Price

2 People - 2 Hour class only $80.00


Want to learn how to help someone you love?

That knot in their back that just keeps bugging them. The sore neck that is causing them pain that can lead to a headache. Or any area on their body that feels tension. 


In this two hour class you will learn several basic massage strokes and a simple routine that you can use on your partner to help reduce stress, all taught in the serene surroundings of Studio M.


Learn the proper techniques of how to give a massage without hurting your hands or back.  Also, learn the signs of when not to give a massage.


No special at-home equipment is necessary - I will show you how to use items you already have at home.


Please wear comfortable clothing. Robes and an area to change are available. The class fee covers two hours of instruction, massage lotion, and a guide sheet to take home.


Class size is limited to four people - Call (814) 397-0746 to sign up today!






.  Saturday January 16th 5-7

. Tuesday January 19th 5-7

. Saturday January 30th 5-7

All Classes Held At:

31 East Main

North East, PA 16428







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